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Alabama Man Accused Of Filming Minors In Bathroom After Mother Of 3 Confronts Him (Video)

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Alabama man Patrick Herron, 27, was arrested on Sept. 6 after he reportedly took video footage and photographs of women in the restroom of a local restaurant.

Herron allegedly took the footage at San Miguel’s restaurant in Mobile, Alabama.

Robyn Toomey-Glass, a mother of three, was celebrating at San Miguel’s with her family when her 11-year-old daughter and a friend went to use the restroom together (video below).

"My daughter's friend didn't want to stand outside of the stall alone, so she went in with my daughter and turned to the wall," Toomey-Glass told Fox News. "That's when she saw him with a cell phone and came and got me."

Toomey-Glass then entered the restroom and explained that she would not leave until the man came out. Toomey-Glass added that she had simply expected a 16-year-old on Snapchat, not a grown man with a camera.

Herron emerged and claimed that he had accidentally walked into the woman’s restroom. He insisted that he didn’t have a cell phone, but refused to empty his pockets.

When Toomey-Glass searched for a manager to report Herron, the 27-year-old attempted to flee the restaurant.

"I ran after him and I was screaming, 'Stop this man he was taking naked pictures of my child in the bathroom.' I knew I had to stop him," Toomey-Glass said. "The restaurant was crowded and there were people outside waiting; that's when two gentlemen chased him down and a third man later followed."

Following Herron’s arrest on Sept. 6, police found 15 photos of minors on his phone. He was charged with four counts of Criminal Surveillance. 

Sources: Fox News, UTV44

Photo Credit: Fox News 


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