Alabama Man Shoots Teen Toilet Papering Neighbor's Yard


An Alabama man allegedly shot a teenager who was toilet papering his neighbor's yard.

Ronnie Lee Neeley, 64, is charged with second-degree assault, discharging a weapon into an occupied vehicle and two counts of menacing, according to AL.

DeKalb County sheriff Jimmy Harris said the 16-year-old victim and several of his friends were attempting to toilet paper a neighbor’s yard on April 23 when Neeley pulled out his gun and opened fire.

He fired shots into the air and one through the tailgate of one of the teen’s trucks, WHNT reports.

The tailgate shot hit the victim in the hip while he was seated in the vehicle.

"This is a traumatic incident that could have been tragic had the bullet taken a different path," Harris said. "We are very thankful that the child did not suffer any more injury than he did."

The teen was treated at a nearby hospital and released.

Neeley turned himself in to authorities and is free on a $23,500 bond.

Sources: AL, WHNT / Photo credit: Carissa Rogers/Flickr

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