Two young boys, aged 9 and 12, stumbled across a loaded gun while playing at a creek in Huntsville, Alabama. This sounds like a recipe for disaster, but fortunately the two boys handled the situation incredibly well.

According to reports, one of the boys was so familiar with firearms that he knew how to safely unload the gun. From there, the two boys took the firearm to one of the child’s grandmother, Kim Grzybowski.

Grzybowski later told reporters, "I hope any child who is playing in a place and finds a gun, brings it to someone older or leaves it right where it is. Go home, get a parent, grandparent, any older adult to come and get it so it can be taken care of."

Huntsville police are currently trying to piece together how a loaded gun ended up in a creek. There is currently no indication the police know the identity of the gun’s owner. What makes the case so troubling is that criminals often throw guns into bodies of water as a fairly reliable way to ditch a gun that has been used in a crime. It is entirely possible that a criminal ditched the firearm in a stream, where it was eventually discovered by the two boys.

It’s also a bit strange that one of the two boys was bold enough to unload the weapon. Are you relieved that one of these young children had firearm experience, or do you think that a child with firearm knowledge is a sign of an even bigger gun problem?

Source: Waff


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