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Alabama Judge Sends Alleged Killer With Bizarre Face Tattoos To Psychiatric Treatment

An Alabama judge has decided an alleged killer with bizarre face tattoos will continue psychiatric treatment instead of scheduling a murder trial.

Dwayne Batice Miller, 30, is charged with gunning down his roommate in 2010. He is now set to undergo his fourth year of psychiatric therapy at the Taylor Hardin Secure Medical Facility.

Comparing Miller’s 2010 mugshot to a 2008 mugshot shows the tattoos on his face are relatively new. He has a skull and crossbones on his cheek and the word "Cheif," slang for smoking weed, on his forehead.

Investigators say Miller shot 47-year-old Frederick Edwards in the west Mobile home they shared on July 10, 2010.

In October 2011, Miller was deemed competent to stand trial.

On Wednesday, forensic examiner Dr. Robert Bare told the court that he “continues to exhibit symptoms of mental illness and cognitive deficits,” which would prohibit his defense at trial.

Bare wrote in a report that Miller "continues to lack insight into his need for treatment and denies that he has a mental illness," a symptom referred to as anosognosia.

Miller’s attorney Walter Honeycutt argued that Miller should be found not guilt by reason of insanity.

Instead Circuit Judge Robert Smith decided to recommit Miller for “continued treatment.”

Sources:, New York Daily News

Image credit: Mobile County Jail


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