Alabama Hostage: Boy Still Being Held by Jimmy Lee Dykes, FBI will Wait "Months"

Update: Ethan has been rescued from the bunker and is currently being treated in a local hospital. He was reported to have no injuries. Jimmy Lee Dykes was killed in the raid, which happened just hours after the FBI had said they were willing to wait it out. After they learned the boy might be in more danger than they suspected, they were forced to raid the bunker. It is not clear whether authorities shot Dykes or if Dykes committed suicide.

As an Alabama boy's sixth birthday approaches, he only has one wish: to be released from an underground bunker where he is being held hostage.

Five-year-old Ethan has been trapped in a survivalist bunker for seven days with Jimmy Lee Dykes, a 65-year-old man who is known for his mental instability and delusions that the government is after him.

The FBI has said today that they have "no plans to breech the bunker" and are prepared to wait it out for months.

Authorities say their main goal is to achieve a "peaceful resolution."

Dykes has been cooperating with authorities by allowing them to send the boy "comfort items," like a Hot Wheels toy, crackers, and coloring books. Dykes also has enough food and supplies to last them a few months. 

The boy was kidnapped last Tuesday when Dykes invaded a Dale County School bus, demanding two children. He was stopped by bus driver Charles 'Chuck' Poland who asked him to leave, but Dykes shot him moments later. 

Chuck is now being hailed as a hero for attempting to intervene and protect the children he cared so much about. 

His funeral was held Sunday, where friends and family spoke of his kindness. 

It was revealed that Poland visited Dykes the day he was shot and gave him a basket of eggs with jam. 

"He loved him when not many others did," Rev Ray Layton said. 

Neighbors referred to Poland as "Brother Chuck" for years.

Authorities continue to communicate with Dykes through a phone they threw into the bunker's PVC pipe. The bunker is known to have heat, electricity and access to TV coverage. 

Medicine for the boy's autism and ADHD is being passed through the same pipe. 

The town is attempting to get back to some normalcy as schools start reopening.

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