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Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley Signs Major Pro-Gun Bill into Law

Alabama Governor Robert Bentley recently signed into a law a far-reaching gun control bill that secures the rights of gun advocates across the state. The bill clarifies several poorly-worded laws, and it also brings into effect new laws that widen the liberties of gun ownership. For one, employees will now be able to bring guns to work and leave them in the car, regardless of how employers might feel about guns on the premises.

That’s a major victory for gun rights advocates, but a setback for business owners and people who champion personal property rights. The Business Council of Alabama unsurprisingly opposed the bill.

The bill also allows gun owners, regardless of whether or not they own a concealed carry permit, to carry loaded firearms in their vehicles as long as the firearm is out of reach. This portion of the bill doesn’t do much for self-defense, but it will make transporting guns less of a headache.

Speaker of the House Mike Hubbard (R) was thrilled by the new law. "With Governor Bentley's signature today, Alabamians' Second Amendment rights are more secure than ever," he said. "Despite President Obama and the Democratic Party's determination to limit the rights of gun owners across the U.S., Alabama has proven once again that our constitutional right to bear arms will continue to be prioritized and protected in our great state."

The National Rifle Association also supported the bill.

Gov. Bentley wasn’t quite as enthusiastic. "The gun bill, I believe it was OK," he said. "I went ahead and signed it. It was a bill that took a lot of work - the sheriffs and the district attorneys working together. Everybody signed off on it and I signed it." He added, “I am a strong supporter of our Constitution, a strong supporter of the Second Amendment. I believe this is a good bill."

This goes to a show that a bill doesn’t have to stoke the passions of legislators in order to become a law. Gov. Bentley supported the bill, even if his support was lukewarm at best. Gun rights supporters don’t have much to complain about, though – this new law dramatically improves the lives of gun owners across Alabama. 

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