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Alabama Family Says Aaron Alexis Confronted Them In Airport Because He Suspected They Were Laughing At Him

An Alabama family told Fox News they remember meeting Navy Yard gunman Aaron Alexis in the Norfolk, Va., airport on Aug. 4, when he quarreled with the family over the fact that their 75-year-old aunt, who was sitting in a wheelchair, was laughing.

“We were just laughing and talking, and he came over and said we were laughing at him,” Rosalind Baugh told Fox News.

Rosalind’s niece Glynda Boyd recalled the incident.

“We were just waiting at our gate and my Aunt Rosalind was sitting in her wheelchair for escort service and communicating with my uncle and my brother, and were just talking and Aaron Alexis walked over to our gate and he came behind us and stopped right at us and said ‘Who is that lady laughing at? Is she laughing at me? Who is she laughing at?’ I said, ‘No, no, she doesn’t even know you. She’s just laughing.’”

Alexis stood there a moment without speaking, then he walked away. Five minutes later, the family said, he came back.

“Why is this lady laughing at me?” Alexis asked. “What is she laughing at?”

“She doesn’t even see you; she is 75 years old,” Glynda responded.

Her brother Michael stepped in and told Alexis, “Hey there, this is inappropriate for you to approach us like this. You need to stop. You’re out of line. Don’t come over like this.”

The family says that’s when Alexis started yelling obscenities at them.

Glynda said airport security came and told Alexis, “If you say anything else and approach these people again, you are not going to be getting on your flight.”

Alexis was headed to Rhode Island, and when he got there, he called Rhode Island Police to report the Baugh family for sending “vibrations into his body” as retaliation.

A Newport police report states: “While getting onto his flight from Virginia to Rhode Island he got into an altercation with an unknown party in the airport. [He] believes that the individual that he got into an argument with has sent three people to follow him and keep him awake by talking to him and sending vibrations into his body. [He] stated that he has not witnessed any of these individuals, but believes they are two black males and a black female.”

The Rhode Island police contacted Navy police about the incident, but a spokesperson said, “He’s just hearing voices. We can’t arrest someone for that.”

Two weeks later, Alexis went to a Virginia hospital for help with his insomnia. He didn’t talk to the doctors about any mental health issues.

“Mr. Alexis was alert and oriented,” a hospital spokesman told the Washington Post. When asked if he was depressed, anxious or had “thoughts about harming himself or others,” he said no.

“When I first saw his face, it blew me away completely,” Glynda said of the Navy Yard shooting. “It just blew me away. We could’ve been those killed people. We could’ve been killed.”

Sources: Fox News, Newser


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