Alabama Death Row Inmate Thomas Arthur Denied DNA Test

Death row inmate Thomas Arthur was convicted of murder three decades ago and is scheduled to be executed next month.

However, his conviction has raised many questions because of a key witness who recanted and then unrecanted her testimony, another man who admitted to committing the murder and a wig containing DNA evidence that may belong to the real killer.

According to TheAtlantic.com, the state of Alabama won't to allow the evidence to be DNA tested even though it would cost the state nothing to do so. Arthur’s attorneys are willing to pay for that testing and the testing could be completed by the execution date. 

This sophisticated DNA testing that might definitively answer questions from this crime of 30 years ago, didn't exist back then.

Alabama's denial of the DNA test is backed up by the U.S. Supreme Court, which In 2009, voted to denied a similar DNA test to a potentially innocent man in Alaska.


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