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Alabama Couple Receives Backlash For Baby Name Krimson Tyde

An Alabama couple has received an increasing amount of backlash since tweeting a picture of their new baby boy, along with a caption of his name: Krimson Tyde.

Summer and Steven Steele, a couple from the town of Andalusia, Ala., decided to name their son in honor of their favorite football team, the Alabama Crimson Tide.

The two are “big Alabama football fans,” according to Alabama Media Group.

After posting the name to Twitter, the Steeles received a flood of criticism for such an unusual name.

“I would despise my parents if they named me Krimson Tyde,” one tweeter wrote.

In response, Gawker even posted a list of names “better than Krimson Tyde” on Monday.

Despite the backlash, a number of people have supported the Steeles' decision.

"I hate that they're having to go through that and hear a bunch of crap,” Shane Broadhurst, father of Crimson Tide and Alliegh Bama, said. “You should be able to name your young'un what you want."

Broadhurst has insisted that football is more than a game to many Alabamians – it’s a family. He added that football helps many Alabama residents focus on what needs “to get done."

Sources: The Huffington Post, The Kansas City Star


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