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Alabama Cop Shoots Two Family Dogs, Kills One And Injures Second (Video)

An Alabama police officer shot two dogs, killing one and injuring a second, after entering a closed backyard while searching for trespassers.

Mark and Lynn Yeager, of Mobile, Ala., buried one of their dogs after seeing the officer shoot him in their yard, reports.

“I understand that they’re trying to do their job. My dog was trying to do his job and there has to be a happy medium,” said Mark Yeager. “I don’t think they used good common sense.”

According to police, officials apprehended two individuals near Murphy High School who ultimately fled. Officers say they were pursuing the suspects and eventually went into the Yeager’s yard, awakening the two pets who they say were aggressive toward the officers.

“I saw the policeman backing up with his gun pointed – heard two shots,” said Yeager. “I went ballistic. I mean I couldn’t believe it. He lay there about 15 minutes and I sat there and petted him and talked to him till he died.”

Kevin Kelly has been identified as the Mobile Police Department officer who fatally shot the homeowner’s dog, according to

Mobile police and Internal Affairs both responded, and investigations are being conducted into the shooting of Yeager’s dogs.

The other dog, Bovidea, was shot in the ear. The Yeager’s are focusing on the surviving dog’s recovery.

"Common sense will tell you to knock on the door of the residence and let them know that there was some people running around that could be dangerous. If they had done that then at that point in time I would have told them never to come into my backyard or I could've got the dogs inside where they belong in their kennels, and everything would have been fine," Yeager told local CBS affiliate WKRG-TV.

The Yeagers are not happy with what police are telling them and they are left with questions they want answered. They intend to write a letter to the city councilman and the Mobile Police Chief.

According to FOX10 News, police eventually arrested the suspects.


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