Alabama Trooper Arrests Radio Host For Cursing (Video)


Amie Scott, a radio host on 95.7 Jamz in Birmingham, Alabama, was arrested by a state trooper who charged her with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest after she jokingly used profanity on June 18 (video below).

Scott told WIAT that she was driving to work in the evening, and saw the state trooper pass her. She saw him again at a Chevron gas station, joked with him about his fast driving, but said that the state trooper did not like her speeding joke, which turned into their first confrontation.

Scott started filming, and told the state trooper, "I hope you have a better day, and you have a happy Father’s Day with your rude a**."

Scott posted the video on Facebook on June 19, and included a statement:

I wanted some breath mints so when I saw him pull into the Chevron, I pulled in behind him, he pulled up to a pump and I parked in a parking space in front of the store, I'm not going to lie, when I noticed that the officer was Black, I just knew that he would have a sense of humor when I said "You trying to get there aint it?!?! You shot across like a bullet and almost hit my car" laughing as usual. He didn't almost hit my car, it was a joke.

In the video, the state trooper followed Scott into the Chevron store for a second confrontation where she repeatedly said the word "a**." The state trooper told Scott that she was not legally allowed to curse in public.

The Marshall Project noted in 2015 that cursing in public is not against the law unless the cursing is part of "fighting words," but police across the U.S. still arrest Americans for using lawful foul language.

Scott repeatedly tried to de-escalate the situation by telling the state trooper that she was "playing" with him with her banter, but he insisted that she was not allowed to curse in public according to the law.

At the end of the video, Scott told the trooper to leave her alone, and as he turned to walk out the store door she said "s***."

The trooper returned for a third confrontation, asserted again that cursing in public was against the law, threatened Scott with jail and tried unsuccessfully to handcuff her in the store.

Scott filmed the incident, posted it on Facebook, and added another statement:

So if you all noticed at the end of the last video, I made a mistake and said "s***".....I wasn't trying to, cause if you notice in the last video, my punk ass didn't say "a**" again because I KNEW better, ya feel me?! A) I didn't have that type of bond money that I had to pay to get out of jail.

(Oh yea, I was arrested for Disorderly Conduct AND resisting arrest) AND he had my vehicle towed to a tow yard so far away that I had to pay $297.50 to get it out and the tow truck driver said he didn't have to have it towed that damn far out. So a bi*** is out of $500. I can't get over this. Well, a bi*** f**** up and said "s***" out of mere frustration.......

The Alabama State Highway patrol told WIAT that they are aware of the video, and are investigating the incident.

Sources: WIAT, Amie Scott Ceo/Facebook (2), The Marshall Project / Photo credit: S.MacMillen/Wikimedia Commons

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