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Alabama to Ban Sex with Animals With Exceptions

The state of Alabama banned gay marriage way back in 2006, but only recently started to work on outlawing bestiality (sexual contact with animals) with a few exceptions.

People who work in animal husbandry or in a veterinary practice will be exempt from Senate Bill 151 because they have to examine and/or handle an animal's sex organs for medical and legitimate purposes, notes

The bill passed the Alabama Senate 20-1 on Thursday and will head to the state’s House for approval.

The one vote against the bill was because of a common procedure in the legislature.

State Sen. Tom Whatley sponsored Senate Bill 151, which would make it a misdemeanor punishable by up to a year in jail, reports the Times Daily.

If it passes, Alabama will join 14 other states and Washington D.C. in banning bestiality.

Sources: and Times Daily


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