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Alabama Assistant Principal Arrested For Filming Nude 14-Year-Old

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An assistant principal at an Alabama high school has been arrested for allegedly videotaping a 14-year-old nude girl without her knowledge. Tim Clevenger, the 48-year-old vice-principal at Blount County’s Locust Fork High School, faces felony charges for the video. According to, he has been charged with production of obscene matter, criminal surveillance and possession of obscene matter. 

Clevenger’s video was discovered on his computer by school IT officials. It was apparently filmed in December 2013, when the girl was visiting Clevenger’s home. Clevenger has been accused of standing outside his own home and filming the girl through the bathroom window blinds as she undressed to take a shower. 

The circumstances of the girl’s visit to Clevenger’s home, as well as her identity, are currently being protected. Blount County District Attorney Pamela Casey has stated, however, that the girl did not have any sort of inappropriate sexual relationship with Clevenger aside from the video. “I will say this,” Casey said to KVVU, “The young lady in no way knew what was going on. And in no way consented to what was going on and in no way put herself in the position where she could of [sic] known this was going to happen.” 

Clevenger is one of several Blount County teachers that have been arrested for sexual misconduct in recent months. 37-year-old Matthew Shane Wester was indicted by a grand jury on one count of a teacher having sexual contact with a student earlier this month, and 28-year-old Ashley Parkins Pruitt was charged on five counts of inappropriate sexual behavior with students last November.  

Clevenger has been placed on administrative leave from the school as the criminal investigation continues. He is being held at Blount County Correctional Facility without bond.

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Image Source: KVVU


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