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Al Sharpton Continues Legal War Against Officer Darren Wilson

Following the grand jury’s decision not to indict Officer Darren Wilson, Rev. Al Sharpton has publicly announced that Michael Brown supporters will continue to wage a legal war against that verdict.

Protests ended in violent riots last night following the court’s decision. At the end of the night, 61 arrests were made in Ferguson and another 21 in St. Louis. At least two dozen fires were set, and several stores were vandalized.

Today, Brown’s family was supposed to speak out about the court’s decision. Instead, attorneys of the family and Sharpton spoke on their behalf. Benjamin Crump, the family's lawyer, is asking that the case be looked at by another prosecutor and to disregard prosecutor Robert McCulloch’s handling of the case due to his ties with local police.

"Now after we watched him last night in his comments, we strenuously object to this prosecutor and this process," Crump said.

Sharpton also was present at the news conference at St. Marks Missionary Baptist Church in St. Louis and assured the congregation that this would not be the end of the case.

“Let the record be clear,” said Sharpton. “You have broken our hearts, but you have not broken our backs. We are going to continue to pursue justice.”

According to Sharpton, there is still a federal investigation looking into the slaying of Brown.

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