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Al Sharpton Releases Statement Regarding Shooting Deaths Of 2 NYPD Officers

Rev. Al Sharpton has released a statement regarding Saturday’s killing of two New York City Police Department officers.

“I have spoken to the Garner family and we are outraged by the early reports of the police killed in Brooklyn,” the statement said.

“Any use of the names of Eric Garner or Michael Brown, in connection with any violence or killing of police, is reprehensible and against the pursuit of justice in both cases.”

Two NYPD officers were ambushed in an execution-style attack on Saturday afternoon while they were sitting in their marked patrol car. The alleged gunman fled into a nearby subway station immediately after the attack, and was later found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Tensions in New York have been high for several weeks now, ever since a grand jury decided not to indict a police officer for the death of Eric Garner. There have been an increasing number of clashes between cops and anti-police brutality protesters over the past few days – several of which have turned violent.

Sharpton has been a key advocate for the protesters and has repeatedly called for reform among the NYPD – particularly in the way they treat people of color.

You can read his full statement on today’s shooting below. 

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Source: Ujamaadam Serwer / Photo Credit: WikiCommons


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