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Al Sharpton Allegedly Paid By Corporations To Silence Claims Of Racism

Al Sharpton allegedly gets paid for not calling corporations racist.

The New York Post reports that Sharpton’s National Action Network has received thousands of dollars in donations and consulting fees for more than a decade in return for “sway in the black community,” and reportedly more often his silence on matters of racism.

“Al Sharpton has enriched himself and NAN for years by threatening companies with bad publicity if they didn’t come to terms with him. Put simply, Sharpton specializes in shakedowns,” said Ken Boehm, chairman of the National Legal and Policy Center, a Virginia-based watchdog group that has produced a book on Sharpton.

The allegations against Sharpton have come to light following a meeting he had with Sony Pictures co-chair Amy Pascal, which happened after the release of leaked emails wherein Pascal made racially charged comments about President Obama.

The emails were made public during the alleged cyber-attack Sony Pictures endured from North Korea, which caused the studio to initially cancel the wide-release of their film "The Interview", as it depicts an assassination attempt on North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

Pascal and her team were reportedly “shaking in their boots” and “afraid of the Rev,” according to the Post. 

Pascal and Sharpton are reportedly forming a “working group” to focus on racial bias in Hollywood.

“Once Sharpton’s on board, he plays the race card all the way through,” said a source who has worked with Sharpton. “He just keeps asking for more and more money.”

Sharpton denies that the meeting with Pascal was money-oriented in any way, reports The Daily Mail.

The suspicion surrounding NAN and Sharpton’s motives against companies and the seeking of monetary funds for their support is based on multiple cases.

One example dates back to 2003, when Sharpton accused American Honda of not hiring enough African-American managers.

“We cannot be silent while African-Americans spend hard-earned dollars with a company that does not hire, promote or do business with us in a statistically significant manner,” Sharpton said.

A meeting was held between Sharpton and American Honda’s chief shortly after the statement wherein American Honda decided to sponsor NAN.

Sharpton stopped his racially-charged accusations against the company following their meeting.

Sources: The Daily Mail, The New York Post / Photo Source: The Daily Mail


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