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Al-Qaeda Releases Step-By-Step Instructions On How To Avoid Drone Detection

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Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), reportedly the most dangerous of the terrorist organization’s affiliates, released a training video that provides instructions to fighters on how to create “cloaks of invisibility” to protect them from drone detection.

The 16-minute video, titled “Combatting Spy Airplanes,” demonstrates how to make a personal body shield from aluminum and tarp. The video, according to the Washington Times, is pieced together using portions of U.S. military public relations videos, with one segment showing a lab worker “heating up a frozen dinner in a microwave” to explain human heat signature.

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The instructional video outlines the cloak creation process, which starts by spreading a body-sized tarp on the ground. Next, the tarp is covered with glue and a layer of aluminum foil is applied. A second layer of glue is then spread over the foil, followed by another tarp.

 “The aluminum is supposed to act like a heat barrier, keeping the fighter’s body heat from being detected by the drone camera system,” a Middle East Media Research Institute analysis explained. During the day, the cloak can also be painted with camouflage colors or covered in tree branches to provide further protection.

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Whether or not the cloaks have been effective has yet to be seen, as U.S. Central command officials refused to comment on the “effectiveness or ineffectiveness of specific enemy [tactics].”

The introduction of the cloaks comes at a time when President Obama has increasingly intensified drone attacks in Yemen. According to, there have been “more strikes issued in the last few years than throughout the 2000s.”

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