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Al Gore Hosts One of Many Green Inaugural Balls

The date which has been on bumper stickers for years now – 1.20.09 – has never been nearer. And for most environmentalists, it brings with it the best-case scenario, so it’s no wonder that most of the planning for inaugural pre-parties included significant considerations for the planet.

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The major festivities include tomorrow’s carbon-neutral, green-tie Green Inaugural Ball: Maximum Celebration, Minimal Impact. The venue was chosen for its location a half-block from a Metro station, and attendees are asked to take public transit to the event. Food and drinks will be organic and will include vegetarian and vegan options, and lighting will be LED. After the guests go home, everything that can be will be composted and recycled.

Al Gore’s Green Ball: Inauguration of a New Green Economy will happen on Monday; representatives from more than two dozen environmental groups, including the Sierra Club, will attend.

Tomorrow, on the other coast, the L.A. enclave of Santa Monica will put on a “plug-in parade” of 55 ecofriendly cars to get the festivities started, and to congratulate Obama, who has called for a million plug-in cars to be on the road by 2015.



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