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Al Gore Endorses Hillary Clinton

Former Vice President Al Gore has voiced his endorsement for presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton through social media. Despite his support, Gore will not be attending the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

On July 25, Gore took to Twitter to announce that he would be voting for Clinton.

“I am not able to attend this year’s Democratic convention, but I will be voting for Hillary Clinton,” Gore tweeted out.

“Given her qualifications and experience -- and given the significant challenges facing our nation and the world, including, especially, the global climate crisis, I encourage everyone else to do the same,” Gore added.

On July 24, Gore’s director of communications, Betsy McManus, confirmed to The Tennessean that the former vice president would not be attending the DNC despite his current status as a Tennessee superdelegate.

McManus stated that Gore could not attend the convention in Philadelphia because of “obligations in Tennessee.”

Gore, a former Democratic Tennessee senator, joined the ticket of former President Bill Clinton in 1992 and served two terms in the White House. He ran as the Democratic nominee in 2000 but was narrowly defeated by former President George W. Bush.

Tennessee Democratic Party spokesman Spencer Bowers asserted that Gore’s absence was indeed due to his busy schedule.

“We always welcome him but completely understand his busy schedule and prior engagement,” Bowers said.

Despite having been a previous Democratic nominee, Gore has become increasingly absent from the political stage and instead engaged in environmental activism. The former vice president had also skipped the 2012 Democratic convention.

Gore had withheld officially endorsing Clinton during the Democratic primary, despite having served with her husband at the White House. Democratic strategist Bob Shrum told Politico that Gore’s hesitancy to throw his support behind Clinton was due to his respect for Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont.

“He is sensitive to giving Sanders room and respect… it’s made sense to him to not push Sanders,” Shrum said.

Now Gore has, as the DNC begins, thrown his support toward Clinton -- at least in spirit.

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