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Al Gore On Climate Change Deniers: When People Say ‘Crazy Stuff’ Don’t Elect Them To Congress

Former Vice President Al Gore told “Jimmy Kimmel Live” this week that people who deny that humans are responsible for climate change are just “nuts.”

Kimmel asked Gore Tuesday night if it’s possible that global warming has gone “too far” and that it can’t be helped now.

“No, no, no,” Gore responded. “Some people are anxious to go …  straight from denial to despair: ‘Oh, it’s not real’ then they say ‘Oh, we can’t do anything about it anyway.’”

“It is true that what some of what we’ve done will continue to play out over time now matter what,” he added, “but the truly catastrophic consequences can still be avoided and must be avoid.”

He said denial of consequences can also be seen in lawmakers who drove the debt limit brinksmanship.

“Some of the same people that were denying that it would be bad to default on the debt — they say, ‘There’s no problem, we can just pay the Chinese bond holders instead of Social Security recipients or the military’ — well, that is sort of the same as saying physics isn’t real, global warming isn’t real,” Gore said. “It’s nuts. It really is nuts. And it is hard to just say it is nuts, but it is nuts,” he continued. “Every national academy of sciences in the world has taken this position, every scientific society 97 percent of all climate scientists — and mother nature is really kind of screaming from the rooftops.”

He said there is an easy fix on climate change by taxing carbon emissions, but he also proposed a political price be put on climate change denial.

“When people stand up and say really crazy stuff,” he said, “[TV] is better place for them than in Congress.”

Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., is pushing for a carbon tax as part of a comprehensive tax reform bill. California adopted a carbon emissions tax under Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2006.

Sources: Raw Story, Daily Caller


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