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Akiba’s Strip Offers More Than Just Perverted Fun

If you were to ask me what video game surprised me the most at the recent E3 Expo in Los Angeles I would have to tell you that Akiba’s Trip: Undead & Undressed definitely came out of left field and actually now has me interested in playing the full localized version when it is released later this year.

While the game may look “pervy” and ridiculous at first glance there is a surprising amount of depth to the game, not including the near-full graphical reproduction of Akihabara with more than 100 actual Akihabara shops and locales fully reproduced in the game. Developer Acquire actually wanted to properly reproduce as much of Akihabara within the game as they possibly could. This includes actual advertisements, flyers, store fronts and locales to give the player the sensation they are actually running around Akihabara hunting down and stripping vampires of the clothing to destroy them.

Yes, you read that right; the basic premise of Akiba’s Trip is that you hunt down vampires disguised as humans using a special pair of glasses so you can confront them, engage them in a fight and strip them of their clothing so they are fully exposed to the sun’s light and ultimately destroyed. (Which also explains the stylized spelling of the game’s title as Akiba’STrip) Just because I said that the game had an amazing amount of depth to it doesn’t mean I still don’t think it is a pervy game. Forcefully removing the clothing of female and male vampires to kill them certainly seems to be as perverted as it gets. It could be worst; the game could play like RapeLay.

Quirky gameplay is a staple of many Japanese games, or at least that is the most common perception, and Akiba’s Trip: Undead & Undressed certainly exploits that notion. While there is a lot more to the game than it first gives away, like a detailed and extensive RPG leveling element, the game is definitely aimed at a particular gaming audience here in the United States. While not everyone will want to play the game when it is released, or even acknowledge it, those who do may find themselves enjoying the experience – and maybe feel a little dirtier having done so.

Akiba’s Trip: Undead & Undressed is developed by Acquire and being published locally by XSEED. It is scheduled for release sometime in Q3/Q4 2014 and will be available for PS Vita and PlayStation 3.


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