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Pilot Scolds Passengers For Arguing Politics On Plane (Video)

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A video was (below) published online of a United Airlines pilot making an announcement on board a flight, asking for people to not argue about politics after passengers allegedly got into an altercation before the plane left San Francisco International Airport.

“I understand everybody has their opinion – that's fine,” the unnamed pilot said. “If you support [President-elect Donald Trump], great. If you don't, I understand. However, we're all here to go to Puerto Vallarta to have a good time and what I do ask is that as people, we have the common decency to respect each other's decisions and to get along.”

According to a description of the video on YouTube, the pilot made the announcement after “some kinda scuffle broke out where an individual said something racist to an African American lady, and she began to cry.”

The description did not go into detail about what was said, but the two passengers were separated, which led the pilot to make the announcement.

The pilot offered an ultimatum to anybody who might disagree with him: Don't talk politics or take the next flight, which drew an applause from the passengers.

“It's so sad that this announcement even had to be made,” wrote a Reddit user. 

Source: Jon Bauer/YouTube, Reddit / Photo credit: Eluvietie/Wikimedia Commons

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