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Prude, Hypocritical Southwest Airlines Rejects PETA Ad

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A Sports Illustrated swimsuit model's image on a plane is OK, but an ad with metal undies is too much? Really, Southwest?

Recently, Southwest Airlines rejected this ad saying that it was "too provocative" for their in-flight magazine, "due to the lack of clothing the woman is wearing." Can I get a ticket to Prudes-ville via Hypocrite City, please? The only thing revealing about this ad is the fact that going vegan is the best thing that you can do for your health, the environment, and animals.

Personally, on my next flight I'd much rather see metal panties with a pertinent message than another passenger wearing sweatpants with the words "Bootylicious" or "Juicy" stamped across the butt.

Posted by Amy Skylark Elizabeth


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