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Airline Error Sends Couple 7,000 Miles Away from Original Destination

A couple who was trying to fly from Los Angeles to Dakar, Senegal was flown 7,000 miles away from their destination due to an airline mixup.

Sandy Valdiviseo and her husband Triet Vo took a flight on Turkish Airlines from Los Angeles to Istanbul, and had a four hour layover before boarding the plane that they thought would take them to Dakar. Instead, it took them to Dhaka, Bangladesh.

They didn't think anything was wrong during the flight, as they thought the flight attendant had an accent.

"When the flight attendant said we were heading to Dhaka, we believed that this was how you pronounced Dakar with a Turkish accent," Sandy said.

Once they saw the map of the flight's route, however, they realized they were going to Bangladesh.

And the chaos didn't stop there. 

Once they arrived in Bangladesh, it took nine hours for them to get a flight to their original destination, as Turkish Airlines insisted on obtaining phone recordings of Sandy booking the flight.

After the airline found out that Sandy did, indeed, book flights to Senegal, they immediately flew them back to Istanbul to catch a flight to Dakar.

They did not charge the couple extra, and also had their baggage shipped to Senegal two days later. 

It has been a four-month long battle for the couple to receive compensation from Turkish Airlines for the incident.

They said the airlines has offered them two free tickets to anywhere on the airlines' network.

"We are very, very sorry that this happened," a spokesperson said.

Sources: Daily Mail,Fox News


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