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Air Marshals Claim TSA Hides Evidence Of Wrongdoing, Goes After Whistleblower (Video)

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) allegedly covered up misconduct by agency supervisors and went after an employee whistleblower, claim some current and former federal air marshals.

The air marshals claim the TSA overuses a classification called Sensitive Security Information (SSI), which keeps info hidden from the American public because it would somehow threaten security.

“When it comes to the Air Marshal Service and TSA, when they are determined to f--- you, they are going to f------ do everything in their power to make you out to be the bad guy, and they will twist every single word that they can to reflect their position [rather] than the truth,” a current federal air marshal, who wished to remain anonymous, told the National Review. “They want you to shut up, get on the plane, and sit down. They don’t want to fix any of the problems that exist.”

Former SSI office director Andrew Colsky told a House Oversight Committee in 2014 that there was “extreme pressure” by TSA supervisors to classify embarrassing information as SSI, noted the National Review.

Former air marshal Robert Maclean, who was fired by the TSA in 2006, recently defeated the Department of Homeland Security (oversees the TSA) in the U.S. Supreme Court by a vote of 7-2, noted Democracy Now (video below).

The high court ruled that Maclean did not violate federal law by revealing to a MSNBC reporter in 2003 how the TSA planned to not place air marshals on overseas flights longer than three hours long to save money, even though there were "unprecedented" warnings of possible plots to hijack U.S. airplanes.

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that Maclean was a protected whistleblower.

Sources: National Review, Democracy Now
Image Credit: Democracy Now Screenshot


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