Air Marshal Director Retires Amidst Growing Gun Scheme Scandal


Federal Air Marshal Service director Robert Bray is stepping down after a probe revealed his involvement in an operation to acquire guns for officials’ personal use.

FoxNews reports that Bray is retiring and will leave his post in June. His home was raided in December in connection with the investigation, and at least one gun was apprehended. 

Several other officials were also involved in the operation, a Department of Homeland Security investigation reveals. 

Federal Air Marshal supervisor Danny Poulos is accused of using the agency’s federal firearms license, as well as his connection to gun manufacturer Sig Sauer, to get discounted and free firearms. He then gave them out to higher-ups in the agency.

Whistleblowers blew the scandal open, reports FoxNews, which obtained the documents containing the accusations and interviewed people involved.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is also believed to be investigating.

A TSA spokesman commented, “We are aware of the allegations and we are looking into them." He said he was not aware of the DHS or ATF’s involvement.

North Carolina Rep. Richard Hudson, chairman of the House Homeland Security transportation security subcommittee, expressed his “grave concern” about the claims in a letter to TSA head John Pistole, particularly since Congress was not made aware of the investigation.

"I am extremely concerned about recent allegations of unethical behavior involving firearms within the Federal Air Marshal Service, dating as far back as 2010," Hudson told

"The alleged behavior is unbecoming of any official entrusted with the duty to protect and serve the American public. I am outraged at the apparent attempt by TSA and the Federal Air Marshal Service to hide this from Congress. TSA needs to come forward and provide clear and complete answers so that we can conduct a thorough and open review of these alleged activities on behalf of the American people.”


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