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Air Canada Skewered for Requiring Husbands, Wives to Have Same Last Name

Air Canada has been skewered on Twitter for requiring family members, including husbands and wives, to have the last name, which many spouses in 2013 choose not to do.

According to the Calgary Herald, the controversy started last night when Chris Turner, a writer in Calgary, tweeted about an Air Canada employee who told him on the phone that he couldn't transfer an airline voucher to his wife because she didn't share his last name. reports that Turner tweeted:

Hey @AirCanada -- your (very helpful) phone rep tells me I can't transfer a voucher to my wife pre-flight BECAUSE SHE KEPT HER NAME. Really?

Air Canada then responded:

@theturner Hi Chris, vouchers can only be transferred to another family member before travel if they have the same family name. /cc

Chris Turner hit back:

@AirCanada Yup, got it. Maybe let your bosses know that those of us who are not married to June Cleaver find this deeply insulting.

Turner’s wife added:

@AirCanada Sooooo… Turner can transfer the voucher to our NEIGHBOUR Kelly who has the same last name, but not his WIFE. Gotcha.

The tweets were retweeted hundreds of times, and included various people slamming Air Canada, which claims their policy is supposed to prevent fraud, but other Canadian and American airlines do allow passengers to transfer vouchers to whomever they want.

Sources: Calgary Herald,, Twitter


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