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Air Canada Passenger Hit in Head After Propeller Slices Through Plane

A passenger on board an Air Canada flight is being treated for a concussion and bruising after a propeller broke apart, sliced through the cabin and caused fiberglass and other items inside of the plane to hit her in the head while en route from Calgary to Grande Prairie Thursday night.

Christina Kurylo, a broadcast journalist in Grande Prairie, was one of four passengers reportedly injured after the Dash-8 400 series aircraft experienced major mechanical issues after taking off from Calgary, reports Global News. According to witnesses, one of the tires blew out and the plane’s pilot decided to land in Edmonton so that the four crew members and 71 passengers on board could safely switch planes.

But when the pilot attempted to land the aircraft softly on its left-hand side, the plane reportedly bounced, which caused the landing gear to collapse and the propeller to fly off and slice through the fuselage.

“As soon as it hit the runway, maybe, I don’t know, a couple seconds after it started skidding on its side,” said passenger Gianfranco Barilla. Others reported seeing sparks and fire as soon as it landed.

Kurylo says one of the plane’s propellers smashed right through her window and nearly hit her in the face. “I’m really lucky,” she said. “It could have been a million times worse. I could have died, you know, you never know what could have happened.”

Three of the four victims who were hospitalized were released by Friday morning. Airline officials are investigating the Q400 twin-engine turboprop for mechanical faults, though experts reportedly say it could be back on the runway within months, reports the Daily Mail.

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Sources: Global News, Daily Mail

Photo Credit: Safety Board


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