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AIDS Education Not Working -- Time to End it?

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- Gays get the most AIDSeducation. Every year, more and more gays contract HIV. August's CDC report leaves no doubt -- AIDS education is a waste of time and money.

From 2004 to 2007, new infections among gays increased 27%. Among non-gays the increase was 6%. In 2004, gays accounted for 48% of new HIV infections, in 2007, 53%.

Dr. Paul Cameron, Chairman of the Family Research Institute, a Colorado Springs think-tank, demonstrated that AIDS education wasn't working in 1991. Dr. Cameron said "Gays can't breathe without running into Public Service Announcements, pamphlets and lectures telling them to 'use a condom to avoid HIV.' At last, we have a technique (STARHS) which tells us whether an HIV infection is recent. It shows that gays account for not 20,000, but 30,000 new cases of HIV infection every year (30,820 in 2006 alone). Three decades into the epidemic, not only does AIDS education fail to work, but AIDS education appears to stimulate more gay infections. We know that quarantine (of gay blood) and discrimination (against smokers) works. Why are the U.S. and UNESCO promoting the same AIDS education for other countries that doesn't work here?"

The new CDC test was used in 39 areas that permit name-based identification (housing 68% of the US population). Education's failure is widespread. From 2004-7, 4% more IV drug users and 20% more high risk heterosexuals got infected.

Dr. Cameron noted, "Every year, a gay is 50 times more apt to get HIV than a straight. Rectal sex -- with or without a condom -- is the main culprit. Not engaging in rectal sex and not shootingdrugs (and avoiding sex with those who do) drop your chances of getting HIV close to zero. The new CDC findings demonstrate that touting condoms for 'safe anal sex' is dangerously misleading and counterproductive."


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