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After Yelling At Bicyclist For Riding On The Sidewalk, Irate Woman Gets Instant Karma (Video)

A video making the rounds on the Internet shows a lady freaking out at a guy on a bicycle for riding on the sidewalk. A bit later, when the situation escalates, she gets into a heated argument with an off-duty police officer that almost lands her behind bars.

The clip, posted by Grayson Throckmorton, begins after the initial confrontation has already happened, but according to Throckmorton, the woman yelled at him for riding his bike on the sidewalk in Chicago.

“So, I'm coasting down the sidewalk (at walking speed) when I hear a woman scream: ‘Get off the sidewalk you asshole!’” Throckmorton writes in the video description. “I respond by saying ‘Why are you so angry on a Saturday evening? It must really suck to wake up everyday so miserable.’ She does not like this. She starts pointing her finger in my face while continuing to scream and ending every one of her sentences with ‘ asshole!’”

Once Throckmorton breaks out his camera, as seen in the video, the woman stops swearing at him and begins to yell at him for filming her. She reaches over to grab his phone, and he stops her from taking it, threatening to flip the drink she had in her hand. The woman then proceeds to throw her cup at Throckmorton, and at that very moment, an off-duty police officer walks over after witnessing her throwing the object at him.

“What’s the problem?” asks the officer.

“This man was disobeying — and he was taking my picture!” the woman responds.

“Do you realize that’s a battery?” asks the cop.

“No, it isn’t a battery,” the woman responds.

“You’re telling the police what it is?” asks the officer.

“It isn’t a battery! He was taking my picture!” the woman insists.

“Ma’am, be quiet,” says the off-duty cop. “I’ve been a policeman for 24 years. Don’t tell me what it isn’t. You have no right to do that to the man.”

At first, Throckmorton tells the officer that he’d like to press charges and have her arrested for battery, but by the end of the clip, both the officer and Throckmorton agree that it’s best to let her go home.

Take a look at the crazy video below.

Sources: The Blaze, Inquisitr


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