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Lunch Lady Quits Over New 'Lunch Shaming' Policy

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A Philadelphia lunch lady has quit her job over what she says is "lunch shaming," a new policy that denies some students hot lunches.

Stacy Koltiska was a cafeteria worker for the Canon McMillan School District before a new school policy prompted her to resign.

She had been working at the Wylandville Elementary cafeteria for two years, but became distraught when she had to take away hot meals from two students.

Koltiska has accused the school of, in effect, humiliating students in an endeavor to pay for overdrawn lunch accounts.

“His eyes welled up with tears. I’ll never forget his name, the look on his face,” said Koltiska.

The district’s new lunch program was passed over the summer for grades K-6 and states that children will have their meals replaced by a cold sandwich if $25 or more is owned to the school for lunches.

For older students, they will receive no food if the debt is $25 or more, according to KDKA.

The former cafeteria worker says the policy was enforced on the first week of school. After denying a student hot food for the second time, she posted her experience on Facebook, criticizing the new rules:

I need to inform you about a new policy involving school lunches that You may Not be aware of. As most of you know, I worked at Wylandville Elementary School's Cafeteria. Although it was hot and hard work, I love the joy and excitement the younger children got from something as simple as a school lunch. This year Canon Mac implemented a new Rule 808.1. This rule states that any child who has a balance of $25 or more will not receive a lunch if they are in Grades 7 though 12. State law requires that children K through 6 must be given a lunch. In Rule 808.1 it says that children in K through 6 will be provided a “Sandwich” what you don’t know is that they are being given One Piece of Cheese on Bread. This isn’t even toasted. Yet they are still being charged the FULL PRICE of a HOT LUNCH that is being DENIED to them. The first week of school on Friday, I had to take a little first grade boys chicken and give him this “cheese sandwich”. I will never forget the look on his face and then his eyes welled up with tears. I was going to resign on Monday but my mother passed away on Sunday so I forgot about it until yesterday when it happened again. I had the same sick feeling so today I resigned. What makes this eve MORE SICKENING is that we throw so much food away EVERYDAY. So our children are being served cheese, being charged and denied the hot food that we then throw away. Once again, it comes down to Profits Over People but this time the People are Our Children.”

The post went viral with more than 3,300 shares in five days.

Sources: KDKA, Facebook / Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

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