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A Walker and a Pocketknife Seem Like Unlikely Bank Robbery Accessories

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. – After a 77-year-old man allegedly held up a bank manager at pocketknife-point, his walker-aided attempt to escape proved, unsurprisingly, unsuccessful.

Russell Cooper, 77, was attempting to withdraw money at a PNC Bank on May 8. However, when an employee informed him that his “consistent lack of funds” had led to the bank’s closing his account, Cooper became “increasingly agitated.”

Cooper then reportedly pulled out a pocketknife and demanded that the employee help him get the $130 he had requested. Cooper allegedly told the employee that he was going to be Cooper’s hostage, or he would slit his throat.

The employee complied with Cooper’s request.

Still holding the manager at knifepoint and aided by his walker, Cooper tried to make his escape.

Police, however, arrived on the scene and told Cooper to drop his knife.

“I’m not dropping it, I’m going to stick it in your [expletive] gut,” Cooper allegedly replied.

As he stood arguing with the officer, another officer approached Cooper from behind and tasered him.

Cooper was taken to Palm Beach County jail; he has been charged with armed robbery and kidnapping.


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