Wal-Mart Cashier Accused Of Accepting Fake Money

A 19-year-old former Wal-Mart cashier in Gwinnett County, Georgia, has been accused of being in on a scam after accepting $1,000 worth of fake money.

Joselyn Gerstenlauer allegedly took the movie prop cash from two people who bought lawn equipment on July 19 at a store in Buford and never returned to work again, WXIA reported.

Police began investigating the incident July 25, but suspended the inquiry two weeks later because they were initially unable to identify the suspects.

The incident occurred when Travis Taylor, 36, reportedly loaded lawn equipment into a cart and Melissa Sinquefield, 30, approached Gerstenlauer and alleged the cashier owed her money.

Sinquefield then left the checkout and went to her vehicle, while Taylor approached Gerstenlauer and paid with the 10 $100 bills, the Gwinnett Daily Post reported.

The money looked like normal $100 bills, but had “FOR MOTION PICTURE USE ONLY” printed on it, according to WMAZ.

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Later the same day, Sinquefield tried to return a piece of lawn equipment at another Wal-Mart store for cash. As the fraud had not yet been detected, staff gave her the refund.

The alarm was raised by Wal-Mart’s loss prevention supervisor, who interviewed Gerstenlauer and advised authorities that the 19-year-old may know the perpetrators, based on her answers.

Taylor, Sinquefield and Gerstenlauer have all been charged with forgery. Taylor and Sinquefield also face charges of theft by deception.

Gerstenlauer turned herself in to the police Aug. 23, the same day authorities announced they had secured arrest warrants for the trio. Sinquefield was reportedly scheduled to turn herself in.

Taylor is still being sought. Reports suggest he may be in Early County, where police have outstanding warrants for his arrest in a similar case where he passed counterfeit cash to a business there.

Sources: WXIA, Gwinnett Daily Post, WMAZ / Photo credit: WMAZ, Wikimedia Commons

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