Teen's Brutal Assault Uploaded To Facebook (Video)

A police investigation is underway after a Minnesota teenager was allegedly ambushed and assaulted by a group of her peers, who recorded the attack on video (see below).

Sydney DeTenancour, 15, was reportedly walking in the woods with a group of friends on June 16 when the incident occurred. In the video, Sydney can be seen standing and talking with another girl, who accuses Sydney of hanging out with her boyfriend before striking her in the face.

The attacker has been identified as 19-year-old Cassandra Borden, according to the Daily Beast. Sydney was reportedly with Borden's boyfriend, 19-year-old Seth Evans, when he was arrested for drunk driving that day.

"I'm not gonna lie right now," Borden is heard saying to Sydney in the video. "I brought you out here for a reason, 'cause you were with my man. Now I'm gonna f---ing hit you."

She begins punching Sydney, who falls to the ground and protects her head with her arms. A second attacker, who identifies herself as Evans' sister, begins hitting Sydney as well, while a third person cuts her hair with scissors.

"I just kind of curled up and made sure I kept my face as normal-looking as possible," Sydney told KARE.

"[I was] trying to tell them what actually happened, but they weren't listening," she added.

Sydney walked to her uncle's house after the attack. Her uncle called her parents, who then called the police.

"My heart was broken when I first saw her," Sydney's mother told KARE. "And then I was looking into it, understanding how this whole thing came about, [and] it's scary. It's terrifying. It's outrageous."

Borden was later arrested and charged with a misdemeanor fifth-degree assault, the Daily Beast reports. She was released shortly thereafter.

"The police department is continuing its investigation into others who may have been involved or witnessed the attack," the Saint Francis police department said in a statement, according to the Daily Beast.

After seeing the video of the assault, Sydney's mother uploaded it to Facebook on June 18. It was viewed over 300,000 times in five days.

She also posted a comment expressing disappointment in the police investigation.

"Was just informed by a police officer [that the attacker is] only facing 5th degree assault because there was no broken bones that they know of and apparently a scissors [is] not a weapon," she wrote.

Sydney's father explained the decision to post the brutal assault on Facebook.

"I want it to get out there," he told KARE. "It can't be tolerated. ... Get these people help or prosecute them. I just want it to get out there and be known. Parents need to be aware and stand up for things like this."

Borden's father spoke to the Daily Beast about his reaction to his daughter's violent behavior.

"When I got sent that video on Saturday night ... I had to stop working on the house," he said. "It made me sick."

He explained that his daughter was drunk during the assault and said he plans to send her to rehab.

Warning: Graphic content

Sources: Daily Beast, KARE / Photo Credit: Now What/YouTube

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