Cellphone Thief Hit By Subway Train


A man who snatched a teenager's cellphone on the subway in Queens, New York, received instant karma when he was hit by a subway train while he was trying to flee the scene.

The incident happened around 8:00 a.m. April 5, PIX 11 reported.

The thief reportedly snatched the cellphone from a 13-year-old boy on a Manhattan-bound M train at the 65th Street station in Queens.

He then bolted from the train and dropped onto the subway tracks, where he was hit by a Manhattan-bound F train packed with morning commuters. The train reportedly struck him in the tunnel near the 65th Street station.

The operator of the F train said he stopped to investigate when he heard something hit the side of his train, and discovered the man lying on the tracks, WABC reported.

Emergency workers cut off power to the tracks while they rescued the thief. 

The man reportedly suffered minor injuries and was able to walk immediately following the accident, according to WABC. He was taken into police custody and brought to Elmhurst Hospital in Queens for treatment.

No charges had been filed against him as of April 5.

The incident caused service on the M, F, E, and R subway lines to be temporarily canceled. Service on these lines resumed after power was restored around 9 a.m., but commuters were told to expect extensive delays. 

Sources: PIX 11, WABC / Photo credit: Mtattrain/Wikimedia Commons

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