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Woman Shoots Estranged Husband In Self-Defense, Police Shoot Woman

Lisa Skinner was staying with her mother in Huntsville, Alabama, when her estranged husband, Bradley Skinner, reportedly broke into the house with a pistol and a knife on Apr. 19. As he was breaking in, Skinner told her mother to get out of the house and call 911 while she armed herself with a shotgun.

Skinner then went into the garage, and when her husband neither stopped approaching her nor dropped his weapon, she fired the shotgun and hit him in the chest, according to Lt. Darryl Lawson, a spokesman for the Huntsville Police Department. Skinner’s husband suffered life-threatening injuries.

However, the situation took a turn when police arrived on the scene. They responded to the 911 call and say they heard the initial gun shots. They went into the garage where Skinner was still holding the gun and commanded her to drop it. Police say she turned with the gun in her hand and didn’t drop the weapon, prompting one of the officers, who remains unnamed, to shoot her. The shot hit Skinner in the hip.

Both Skinner and her estranged husband were taken to a local hospital, where the husband underwent surgery and is in critical condition.

The officer who shot Skinner is on administrative leave.

No charges have been filed in the case yet, but police are expected to file charges against the husband if he survives.

Skinner filed an order of protection against her husband in Feb. 2015, and filed three violations of that order in April, citing calls and threatening text messages, said Lawson.

Skinner and her husband had an emergency hearing regarding those violations set for May, but their respective hospitalizations will likely hinder that hearing.

“The whole situation is unfortunate,” Lawson said to WHNT 19 News in a recorded interview. “The fact, you know, that she was the victim of an estranged spouse and that she had to do what she did to defend herself … Then from our perspective, too, of getting there right at that time … people have to make split-second decisions.”

Skinner is expected to survive her injuries.

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