Man Reunited With Missing Dog After 5 Months Of Searching

A Colombian national living in Argentina thought he might never see his missing dog again. But after searching for five months, Juan Tarquino was reunited with his black Labrador mix, Piaf, on Tuesday.

Life With Dogs reports Tarquino was separated from Piaf back in November when the dog’s leash broke while the two were out on a walk in Buenos Aires. Piaf ran into the street and got hit by a car, then, apparently scared, ran off and disappeared. 

Tarquino spent many sleepless nights worrying about the four-legged friend that he had raised since she was 2 months old, Life With Dogs notes.

He launched a massive information campaign in an effort to find his beloved companion. He started a Facebook page which generated over 29,000 likes. He also opened an Instagram account, started a blog, and even went on local radio to tell others about the his missing dog. 

In the end though, it was old-fashioned flyers, posted around town, that led to the call about Piaf. 

A security guard at a construction site saw the flyers and called the man after finding a dog that matched Piaf's description.

The guard told him that he had a seen the dog hanging around the job site and workers there had been feeding the pup for about two months. 

Tarquino agreed to meet the guard at the construction site and check to see if the dog was, in fact, Piaf. 

It was. 

Initially Piaf didn’t recognize her old owner and Tarquino asked the guard to check her belly for a small lump he knew she had. The guard confirmed the presence of the lump. 

As Piaf warmed up to Tarquino’s presence, he was able to check inside her mouth for a birthmark he remembered her having. 

Once he spotted the mark on his dog’s tongue he began to weep tears of joy, according to Life With Dogs. 

Tarquino took Piaf to a vet where it was confirmed she had a broken leg. The leg appeared to be healing on its own, but may require corrective surgery.

Tarquino now reportedly says he wants to repay the favor. He plans to take to the city’s streets on the seventh day of every month to feed and rescue street animals. 

Sources: Life With Dogs, Facebook: Buscamos A PIAF

Photo Credit: Life With Dogs


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