Police Find Man Dead After He Allegedly Murdered His Niece And Her Son


A manhunt for a suspect who murdered his niece and her 4-year-old son ended with a suicide in a downtown Indianapolis hotel.

The search for 61-year-old Lucius Hamilton III began on Feb. 17 after the bodies of Katherine Giehll, 31, and her 4-year-old son, Raymond Giehll IV, were found in their Zionsville home earlier that day, the Daily Mail reported.

Katherine’s husband, Raymond Giehll III, said his wife sent him a text message informing him that her uncle was in the house and then she stopped answering his phone calls. He then checked their surveillance footage and reportedly saw Hamilton in their house.

When Raymond arrived at the home, he found his wife and son dead. Police then embarked on an hours-long manhunt to capture the suspect.

Police started their search at Wabash College, where Hamilton worked. The campus was shut down as SWAT teams swept through every building in search of the suspect.

They were eventually able to track Hamilton down. They found the vehicle he was last seen in at a hotel parking garage, WTHR reported.

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Authorities evacuated parts of the fourth floor in order to negotiate with Hamilton, who was armed.

“First we saw the sirens and then heard the helicopter, and then all the people showed up,” Stacey Hughes, who works downtown, told WTHR.

“I really don't understand what brought him to this hotel downtown," she added. "I mean, I understand this happened in Zionsville and he worked at Wabash College, so it seems peculiar that he would end up here.”

A SWAT team made their way towards room 401 around 3 p.m. They say Hamilton fired two shots and died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head after they kicked in the door.

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“He checked into the hotel," Capt. Bursten said, according to WTHR. “I know that he has taken his own life. The circumstances that led him to do that, I don't have a step-by-step events of what happened. “The only good news I can offer is there is no other threat to the community.”

“We've done this girl justice and that little baby justice,” Boone County Sheriff Mike Nielsen added. “It's sad that it had to happen today. It’s sad that it had to happen at all. But in eight hours, we solved this crime. That's what it's all about, with everybody working together.

“It may not have turned out for the best, but we put this person in the place where they needed to be.”

A motive for the murders has not yet been released but investigators noted that Hamilton and the victims were all beneficiaries of a family trust, the Daily Mail reports.

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Sources: Daily Mail, WTHR / Photo Credit: Boone County Sheriff's Office via WTHR

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