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HIV-Positive Man To Be Sentenced For Child Rape

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An HIV-positive man accused of raping a 6-year-old boy in 2015 will be sentenced for his crimes. The man faces up to 60 years in prison.

Ira Task, 62, will be sentenced in a Cumberland County, Pennsylvania court on June 6 for sexually assaulting the child while another man, 19-year-old William Byers Augusta, also participated and filmed the crime, WHTM reported. The sentencing is scheduled for 9 a.m. 

Task pleaded guilty to rape of a child and other sexual abuse charges on March 8, according to another WHTM article. He reportedly told police that he had been HIV positive since 1994.

The assault occurred in Task's Harrisburg, Pennsylvania home on April 20, 2015. Task and  Byers Augusta were both seen on video raping the victim. Task was also seen giving the boy an inhalant designed to intensify sexual experiences.

Although the video was shot in a way that cropped out the faces of the perpetrators, police managed to identify Task by a gold ring on his finger, moles on his right thigh, and a ring on the base of his penis, Penn Live reported.  

The video first came to the attention of authorities after Byers Augusta live-streamed it on a video conferencing website on July 22, 2015. Federal investigators who saw the video notified local authorities in North Middleton Township, Pennsylvania.

In the course of the investigation, police discovered a video of the April 2015 rape on a phone seized at a North Middleton Township residence, as well as Skype information linking Task to the crime.

In October 2015, police executed a search warrant on Task's Harrisburg home, where the assault occurred, and found evidence of electronic communications between him and Byers Augusta detailing their plans to commit rape.

Later that month, Task was arraigned on various sexual abuse charges including rape of a child, aggravated assault, and child pornography.

Byers Augusta of Carlisle, Pennsylvania, is awaiting trial on charges of rape and child pornography for his role in the assault, according to WHTM. He has also been charged with live streaming another child rape incident over the internet in 2015.

The 6-year-old victim identified Byers Augusta as the man who raped him in an interview at the Children's Resource Center in Harrisburg in 2015. It is not clear whether the child has contracted the HIV virus from Task as a result of the assault. 

Sources: WHTM (2), Penn Live / Photo credit: WHTM

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