See How California's Drought Has Impacted This Lake (Photo)

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Although it is known that California has endured a severe drought over the past three years, a before and after set of photographs featuring a lake highlight how serious the problem really is.

The first photo was taken of Lake Oroville three summers ago in July of 2011. In the photo, full water levels are visible. The second photo shows the same lake with the water level at just 32 percent of its 3,537,577 acre foot capacity. The rings visible in the banks of the lake show how much the water has receded.

The water level at Lake Oroville is so low that the vast marina that once existed on it is now crammed into a tiny corner of the lake.

The photos illustrate the state of emergency that Gov. Jerry Brown declared earlier this year, noting that the current drought is one of the worst in California history.

Since Brown’s declaration, the California Public Utilities Commission has implemented water use restrictions.

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Sources: The Blaze, The Guardian


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