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After Nearly A Decade Together, Mom Discovers Boyfriend's Dark Secret

A woman was shocked to discover that her boyfriend of nearly 10 years was a pedophile after finding child porn images on his computer, but she was even more disturbed when police informed her that he had been secretly filming her teenage daughter in her bedroom and bathroom for years.

Reports say that 49-year-old Caroline Walsh discovered the shocking images on 39-year-old Martyn Darlington’s computer, and upon reporting it to police who then began an investigation, authorities soon informed her that they found video footage of her daughter on his computer.

“Martyn had set up a secret camera in the bathroom. He had put it under the sink and for years had been watching my little girl on the toilet,” Walsh revealed. “From the videos the police could tell he had been spying on her from the age of 15. He’s spent hours watching her washing, going to the loo and undressing. I was absolutely mortified and couldn’t believe I had welcomed this sicko into my home.”

Walsh says she first met Darlington back in 2000, and although they didn’t start dating until 2005, the British mom claims they had a normal relationship.

“Martyn was charming, good-looking and a really lovely man,” Caroline said, according to The Daily Mail. “He was really well-respected in his job as a rail engineer and we had all the same friends. It seemed like the perfect match, especially because he was so good with my daughter, who was only 12 at the time we met. Never in my wildest imagination did I think he could be sexually attracted to her, he seemed like such a straight man.”

Walsh admits that her daughter Jade had previously found a camera in her room pointing at her bed, but after accusing Darlington of spying on the then-16-year-old, he said it was only there because he was overprotective.

Walsh took Darlington’s word and their relationship moved forward, but the strange discovery strained the relationship between Jade and her mother’s boyfriend. Still, the relationship moved forward until she started getting suspicious of his behavior.

“Our relationship was back on track and everything seemed fine. When Martyn was home he would spend hours in his office on the ­computer. I didn’t think much of it as I knew his job kept him very busy,” Walsh admitted. “But every time I went into the room he would close all the screens. Although I thought it was a bit odd, I never could have imagined he was hiding such a disgusting secret from me.

“I didn’t even know how to turn on a computer so asked my cousin and his wife to come and take a look at Martyn’s computer,” Walsh said of finding the child porn in 2013. “When they logged in we were bombarded with the most disturbing pornographic images. I only saw a couple of photos before I turned away, some of the children looked about six years old. I was utterly horrified and ran to the toilet to be sick. Thoughts were racing through my mind and I couldn’t believe what I’d seen.

“My suspicions told me I might find something incriminating but nothing could have prepared me for what we found that day. It was revolting,” Walsh continued. “I packed my bags as quickly as I could and left that house. I couldn’t bear to be anywhere near it. When I told Jade, she didn’t seem surprised at all. I think she hadn’t trusted him since her 16th birthday.”

Last week, Darlington was sentenced to 14 months in jail for the nearly 10,000 child porn images as well as for secretly filming Jade when she was a teenager.

Sources: The Daily MirrorMad World News / Photo Source: The Daily Mirror


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