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New Revelations In The Case Of JonBenet's Murder

New revelations in the case of JonBenet Ramsey's murder suggest the former child pageant star was attacked with a stun gun prior to her death.

The A&E documentary "The Killing of JonBenet: The Truth Uncovered" re-examines the 1996 death of 6-year-old JonBenet, Newser reported. It reveals new information about what may have lead to the child’s death and includes an unreleased police interview with the victim’s brother, Burke.

The documentary revealed that investigator Lou Smit was able to squeeze into the Ramsey family’s Boulder, Colorado, home through a cellar window, suggesting an intruder might have done the same.

Smit claimed a smudge on the wall and a footprint below the cellar window supported the theory. Marks on JonBenet’s face and back also appeared to have come from a stun gun, according to Smit.

"I think that the unescapable conclusion is that an unidentified male committed this crime," forensic scientist Lawrence Kobalinsky told Us Weekly, based on DNA results from blood found in JonBenet’s underwear.

A 1998 police interview with JonBenet’s brother, Burke, who was 9 at the time, was also revealed. The interview covered the events leading up to -- and after -- the moment JonBenet’s body was found in the family’s basement.

Burke reportedly told police he remembered his mother, Patsy, rushing up to his room and turning the lights on the morning JonBenet went missing. Burke said his mother then looked around and rushed out of the room.

"I just lay in bed with my eyes closed and ... sort of thinking of what might have happened to them," Burke said. "I just heard my mom going psycho."

Burke said he was so scared he never left his bedroom when police arrived. He said he was taken to the house of a family friend, and that’s when he was told the horrible news.

"I thought JonBenet was gonna be there, I thought they found her," Burke told the investigator. "I came in excited ... almost relieved ... then my dad told me that JonBenet was in heaven."

Parents John and Patsy were never charged in the death of JonBenet and always maintained their innocence. Patsy passed away at age 49 in 2006. Since the 1996 death of the former beauty queen, several theories have circulated.

"The accusation that Burke somehow was this violent 9-year-old, 60-pound child and he bashed in JonBenet's head and that Patsy and I staged the whole thing to protect him is laughable,” John told A&E in response to theories that Burke killed JonBenet.

Paula Woodward, author and case reporter, also revealed that false leaks to the press caused these theories to circulate.

“Not a single leak was true: There was no snow around the house. No handwriting expert has ever concluded that Patsy wrote the [ransom] notes,” Woodward said. “John didn't leave the home that evening, nor was any porn found.”

DNA expert Richard Eikelenboom said modern DNA technology could help crack the case.

“What you could do is look for people related to this person,” Eikelenboom told People Magazine. However, based on his investigation, he said the DNA of the suspect may not be "from a Caucasian background."

Sources: Newser, Us Weekly, People Magazine / Photo credit: ABC News via Yahoo! News

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