After His Family Escapes ISIS, 4-Year-Old Boy Is Killed By Car

Alaa Mahmed, 4, was struck and killed by a car in Tucson, Arizona, on Wednesday night. The tragic accident occurred when his parents, father Farhan Beeso and mother Khalida, took Alaa and his 3-year-old brother out for a walk for bananas and ice cream, Tucson News Now reports.

Beeso says he crossed the street first and left his kids with his wife. Apparently, Khalida was not able to control her two children, and Alaa broke free from her grip and ran into the street after his father. He was then struck by a car and pronounced dead at the scene.

Tucson News Now reports that the family just moved to Tucson less than 30 days ago. They are refugees from Iraq, and lived in the ISIS-occupied Sinjar province.

In an exclusive interview, Beeso told Tucson News Now: "Probably you have heard about ISIS. They fight us for a couple days; terrible days back there. Me and my kids we went to the mountain and we saw a lot of kids died from no water, no food. ISIS besieged us until the international agencies come."

Beeso worked as an interpreter for the U.S. Army in Iraq for two years. He says his son, Alaa, was always afraid and never slept alone. Beeso had received death threats and was aware that ISIS members had been kidnapping and raping Yazidi women in the area. In an attempt to provide a better future for his family, Beeso decided to move to the U.S.

"It was a very simple life but scary because of my religion. I am Yazidi. The Muslims, they was against my religion. They thought we are devils, we worship the devils but we do not. We believe in God too, we don't hurt anybody," Beeso said, according to Tucson News Now.

Speaking through tears, the grieving father continued, "I liked to be free first and the best thing I wished was the best for my family. I want the best future for my kid, I didn't want him to die in Iraq. I didn't know if I come here...." Beeso was unable to finish his sentence as he began to sob. 

A makeshift memorial with teddy bears, cards and flowers has been set up outside the apartment where Alaa lived with his family. No charges will be filed against the driver who struck the 4-year-old.

Sources: Tucson News Now

Photo: Wikimedia


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