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Child Dies In Bunk Bed Accident (Video)

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A Milwaukee mother is warning parents about bunk beds after her toddler tragically died in a bunk bed accident (video below). 

Inside Edition reports that 2-year-old Kindell Roberts was killed when he fell into the space between his bunk bed and the wall.  Kindell’ head got caught as his body fell, and he was left hanging there.  His 3-year-old sister tried to pull him down, but that led to him strangling to death.  

Now his mother, Antoinette Roberts, is warning other parents of toddlers not to purchase a bunk bed, lest the same thing happen to them.  

“I was gone for an hour. When I got back, he was dead,” Roberts said.

Roberts recently moved herself and her six children into a new house after overcoming homelessness.  “All that struggling for so long,” she said, and now they were finally happy. Until tragedy struck. 

“Somehow, he had gotten on top of his brother’s [top] bunk bed,” she said. “I believe he was scared, because I never saw him get up there and I never let him get up there. He was trying to get down, and he slipped.”

Kindell was rushed to a hospital and put on a ventilator, but died five days after the incident.  

“I can’t picture it. I can’t picture him like that,” Roberts said, catching her breath. “It’s just really hard.”

Now Roberts is warning other parents of the dangers bunk beds pose.  

“I want to push the issue as far as making sure children are safe and being attended to,” she said. “Kids need to be in your eyesight all the time. There should not be one time you let them out of your sight.”

Roberts hopes that sharing her story will start a dialogue about parenting.  

“You hear about things … but I really didn’t believe things like this could happen to me,” she said. “My son was super-duper smart. He’s playful. He’s talented. He’s just an amazing kid all around. I feel like I was robbed and I feel like he was robbed of his life, because he wasn’t being watched.”

Sources: Inside Edition, Inside Edition/YouTube / Photo credit: Ikea

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