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Woman Survives Car Accident Thanks To Cellphone, Warm Clothes And Seat Belt

A Minnesota woman is lucky to be alive after she reportedly slid into a ditch and lost consciousness.

The woman was on her way to work just after 6 a.m. on Feb. 14, Fox 9 reported. She lost control of her vehicle on an icy curve and rolled into a ditch near the North Dakota border.

With dangerously cold temperatures outside, the woman was unconscious inside her flipped car. After two hours, she woke up and texted her husband one word: “Help.”

The husband quickly dialed 911 and Minnesota State Police found his wife about 5 miles from the family’s home shortly after. The woman suffered a broken wrist and was taken to a nearby hospital.

In a Facebook post, Minnesota State Patrol said the incident could have been far worse.

“A cell phone, warm clothes, a seat belt and a concerned husband are the heroes of a Valentine’s Day story that could have ended in tragedy,” the Feb. 19 Facebook post read. “Drivers should dress for the weather in inclement conditions. This woman’s warm clothing helped her withstand the cold and prevented a tragic end to this story.”

Sources: Fox 9, Minnesota State Patrol/Facebook / Photo Credit: Fox 9, Shutterstock via Raw Story

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