Giant Great White Shark Caught Off S.C. Coast (Photos)


Two fisherman caught a great white shark off the coast of South Carolina on March 8.

“It took off like a bus,” Capt. Chip Michalove, of Outcast Fishing, told Post and Courier, recalling the incident.

Troy Bowman, from Bulls Gap, Tennessee, had already caught several large redfish near Hilton Head Island when he saw a massive great white shark leap out of the ocean.

Michalove said the shark “jumped completely out like a killer whale at Sea World.”

“It was unbelievable,” Bowman, who was Michalove's charter customer that day, said. “It was like you’d seen an elephant out there. So big.”

Bowman, a math teacher, was more used to catching 10-pound bass, but around 7 p.m. that night, he had to fight a 2,500-pound great white.

Michalove said he and Bowman used iPhone flashlights to see in the pitch black. 

Perhaps the most surprising part of the story is that the incident, which sounds like something that would happen in the deep sea, actually took place in only 30 feet of water, within cellphone range of Hilton Head Beach.

After three hours of struggling with the shark, Michalove called another charter captain for help. With the third man there to help, the other two were able to bring the massive creature alongside the boat.

Outcast Fishing shared the story along with two photos on their Facebook page on March 9. The post has garnered over 4,200 likes and 4,200 shares in just two days.

According to the Facebook post, the shark was tagged and released after the fishermen caught it.

Sources: Post and Courier, Outcast Sport Fishing/Facebook / Photo Credit: Outcast Sport Fishing/Facebook, Troy Bowman via Post and Courier

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