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Elderly Couple Dies Within Minutes Of Each Other

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An elderly couple died within minutes of each other, and their children were startled by what they found on the wall above their death bed. 

Mad World News reports that Henry and Jeanette De Lange were married in 1953, and raised five children together. Jeanette suffered from Alzheimers and was admitted into a nursing home several years ago. Henry would visit his wife every day, until he too suffered declining health and joined her in the same home.  

Henry was suffering from prostate cancer, which was complicated by several falls. His children were alerted by the nursing home that both he and his wife were ailing. Two of the five children sat at their bedside as doctors told them that their father's pulse was weak and that he was expected to go first. But 10 minutes later, Jeanette passed away.  

"My brother Keith said to my dad, 'Mom’s gone to heaven. You don’t have to fight anymore, you can go too if you want,'" said Lee De Lange. "He was laying in bed. He, for the first time, opened his eyes, looked intently over where mom was. Closed his eyes back down. Laid back down, died about five or 10 minutes after that." 

The family described the moment as "the most beautiful way to die." They then received a shock when they looked up at the clock on the wall. 

“So I looked at the clock and it said 5:30. That’s odd. I looked at the watch on my wrist, it said 5:55 p.m. It stopped at 5:30, the exact time dad passed away,” Lee recalled of the strange clock event.

Lee believes that God stopped the clock from ticking at the moment his father passed. Mad World News posted the incident to their Facebook page, with the explanation:  

After being married for 63 years, a South Dakota couple proved the vow, "Til death do us part," when they naturally died within minutes of each other. As two of their children sat by their bedside and said goodbye ... .  

The post has so far been shared and reacted to over 100 times. 

Sources: Mad World News, Mad World News/Facebook / Photo credit: Mad World News

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