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Man Catches 650-Pound Fish Known As 'Pig Nose' (Photos)

A Canadian man captured a 650-pound sturgeon known as Pig Nose.

Nick McCabe, 19, is a tour guide with River Monster Adventures fishing company in Lillooet, British Columbia. He and coworker Jeff Grimolfson are making headlines after catching an 80-year-old sturgeon known as Pig Nose, Global News reported.

“We’re walking on clouds,” Grimolfson told Global News. “The living legend has been captured and lives on.”

McCabe made the historic catch on Aug. 23. He was out on Fraser River with a group of clients. It took about two hours to reel in Pig Nose. McCabe estimated the fish’s weight to be about 650 pounds. He measured the sturgeon at 10-feet-2 with a 5 1/2 foot girth.

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“His name is Pig Nose and you can see why -- he damaged his nose 40 years ago,” said Grimolfson. “This fish has been the talk of fishing and sporting goods shops for years.

“So when his nose healed, it looks like a pig nose. As the legend lives on, you’d be in a sporting goods shop and you’d hear, ‘My buddy was sure he had Pig Nose on the line.’”

Grimolfson said the fish was tagged and microchipped in the past. That’s how they confirmed the catch was indeed Pig Nose. He said they followed the same protocol for all their catches.

“Take some photos, videos, scan the fish with a scanner to see if he’s been tagged then as soon as it beeps, we know it’s been tagged,” Grimolfson said. “Take some measurements, make sure the fish is healthy then let him go.

“That fish is probably close to 80 years old. You want to handle them very carefully.”

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Grimolfson said the catch is just another notch in McCabe’s belt.

“He’s been doing really well all summer,” he said. “He caught another really big fish a couple weeks ago. He saw it jump out of water and said, ‘I’m going to catch that fish.’ He fished in the same spot for four days and caught him.

“He is the sturgeon whisperer.”

McCabe said he was only aware of a few times Pig Nose had been caught. He said the sturgeon would go entire seasons without being spotted.

"He's been caught not even a handful of times since, and the records show he's growing healthy and every time he gets released he's still in the same area and he's getting bigger and bigger and things are going good for him,” McCabe told CBC News. “So it's good to see a big fish like that doing well.”

Sources: Global News, CBC News / Photo credit: River Monster Adventures via CBC News, River Monster Adventures via Global News

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