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Teenager Does Push-Ups To Avoid Arrest For Pot (Video)

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An off-duty Texas cop forced a teenager to do 200 push-ups after allegedly catching the kid smoking marijuana (video below).

Arlington, Texas, police officer Eric Ball was working security outside of a local movie theater when somebody tipped him off about a teenager smoking a joint nearby.

Ball went to investigate and found an unnamed teen allegedly finishing up a marijuana cigarette.

"Marijuana gives [off] a distinct odor. He knew what the teen was up to," Lt. Chris Cook of the Arlington Police Department told WFAA.

Lt. Cook said the teen was respectful to Ball, who decided to give the teen an alternative to getting arrested and having a criminal record that could affect financial aid for college and job opportunities in his future.

"He said, 'You give me 200 push-ups, I won't put you in jail," said Cook.

"He could have very well arrested this teen, but instead he tried to do something better," added Cook.

Passerby Raiza Paredez saw the teen doing push-ups for Ball and took video that she shared on Facebook.

“See, while we think the police is so bad, they're not all bad,” Paredez said in the video. “[The teenager] decided he wanted to be smoking weed on the property, so instead of going to jail, this is what they're making him do.”

At one point in the video when the teen appears to be struggling to do any more push-ups, Paredez says, “I'd rather be doing them push-ups than going to jail!”

“We need more cops like this,” she wrote on Facebook.

Sources: WFAA, Raiza Paredez/Facebook/ Photo credit: Raiza Paredez/Facebook

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