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Man Accused Of Smoking Pot With 8-Year-Old Son

A Pennsylvania man was arrested after being accused of smoking marijuana with his 8-year-old son.

Brian Benson, 32, is charged with possession as well as endangering the welfare of a child, according to KDKA. He was arrested after his son told police he had smoked marijuana with his father.

The boy reportedly added that doing so made him "feel funny," according to WPXI.

Benson denies the charges. He says a friend of his was merely smoking around his son.

"I did not do that," he told KDKA. "We were in a car. My friend lit up a joint. My son was in the back seat and probably got a contact buzz."

Police were called to Benson's home that day by a woman he refers to as his adoptive mother, who was concerned that he may have overdosed on heroin, a drug Benson admits to using.

"I was nodding off on the heroin," he told KDKA. "I was falling asleep, and she thought I was on something and wanted to make sure ... call 911 to make sure I was OK."

When police responded to the call, they found three bags of heroin and needles. It was then that Benson's son told them he had been smoking with his father.

Benson says he is a loving father who would never do anything to harm his child.

"I love him. He is my everything," he said.

Benson's preliminary hearing is set for Oct. 3.

Sources: KDKA, WPXI / Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

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